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Discover the design and the language of shapes of the period between 1895 and 1935. Discover an era of fascinating industrial history.

We have being dealing for many years with glass pieces from the period of Art-Nouveau and Art-Déco, having put our emphasis on glass objects, especially glass vases of the well-known manufactures of the Ecole de Nancy such as Emile Gallé, Paul Nicolas (d´Argental), Daum Nancy, Cristallerie de Pantin (DeVez), Lalique , André Delatte Nancy or Amalric Walter.

You will also find here a range of original pate-de-verre lamps of this period as for example from Muller Frères Luneville, David Guéron (Degué), Schneider Epinay-sur-Seine and other famous manufacturers.

Marvel at the beauty and elegance of expressive opal glass objects from manufacturers such as Sabino Paris, Verlys and Verlux.

Come and experience with us the artistic excitement of this relatively short period, the transition from the naturalistic designs of Art-Nouveau, with its elements of flora and fauna, towards more clean, geometrical forms, and culminating in the functional and modernistic design of the austere Art-Déco style. This avant-garde became predominant around 1928, releasing the ornate, curvilinear style, to become the avant-garde of the nineteen-thirties, which were also the apogee of glass art. You will find here interesting collector’s items that can be wonderfully combined with modern furniture.

All items presented here are original. A special focus of our collection is the area of Art-Déco lamps, both with press glass as well as with pâte-de-verre technique.

The lamps you see here are consistently in good condition, thoroughly cleaned and let with the original socket.

If you are interested or have any questions about our exhibits, please just contact us. We’re glad about every new contact.

We offer some of our articles for sale in our ebay-shop, which you can find here: http://stores.shop.ebay.de/villa-art-deco.

What gives us a particular pleasure is the circle of loyal customers and interested people from all over the world as well as the interesting acquaintances and friendships that have resulted from this fascinating hobby.

We deeply appreciate these valuable relationships and are thankful for so many interesting conversations and contacts.

Evelyn Emig-Nees